Father and baby, 11.30am, Good Friday, 3rd April 2015, on a Northern line Tube train from Stockwell to Kennington station, London
On the Tube, a baby or pet instantly becomes the focus of attention. It’s been a busy month for me, as well as working full time, I tried to socialise. So, it took me a month to transform a quick onsite sketch below to the finished piece you see above. […]

Father and baby, Northern line, 3rd April 2015

Meditating, 9.40am, Thursday morning, Victoria line, 26th March 2015
The Tube can be a relaxing place for some… On my way to work, this guy seemed so calm, I think he was meditating from Brixton to Oxford Circus and beyond. Medium: Digital drawing on iPhone 6 and Adobe Ideas app Date drawn: 20th March – 5th April 2015

Meditating, Thursday morning, Victoria line, 26th March 2015

Clothes rail, 4.30pm, Sunday afternoon, Brixton to Stockwell, Victoria line, 15th March 2015
I’m not the only one who’s having problems finding enough storage space… Whilst on my way to the centre of London, I shared my carriage for one stop with a guy who had some dry cleaning. I’ve never seen the handrails being used like this, but it seems logical when […]

Clothes rail, Victoria line, 15th March 2015

Two guys, 11pm Saturday, Oxford Circus to Brixton, Victoria line, London, 28th February 2015
Always get a good night’s sleep. Returning home from the cinema, I saw this couple. One of them was very tired, but I got the indication they were just starting their night out. At Vauxhall, one woke the other from his sleep and they both got off. Medium: Digital drawing on […]

Two guys, Victoria line, 28th February 2015

Family, 1.30pm, Thursday 22nd January 2015, Brixton to Green Park station, Victoria line, London
My family and other commuters… My family came to London to see me and to visit the Royal Academy, where a tiny version of a photograph I took was being exhibited. For the first time there was a need for the subjects I portrayed to be a little more lifelike. Medium: Digital drawing on […]

Family, Victoria line, 22nd January 2015

Tuesday morning, Brixton to Oxford Circus, Victoria line, 10th - 26th February 2015, London
Talk, read, drink coffee, listen to music – not a cool cafe, just another Tube journey. Another morning rush-hour commute. Occasionally people talk. Medium: Digital drawing on iPhone 6+ and Adobe Ideas app Date drawn: 10th – 26th January 2015

Coffee and conversation, Victoria line, 10th February 2015

Frosty couple, Saturday 10pm, Camden Town to Tottenham Court Road stations, Northern line, 29th November 2014
I wonder what they argued over… I was on my way home after a night out in Camden Town (a rare event as I’ve spent a few years disliking the place) and shared a Tube carriage with this couple, but everything in their body language told me they were strangers. They […]

Frosty couple, Northern line, 29th November 2014

Doughnut burger, Good Intent pub, Hornchurch, London, 21st December 2014
In Zone 6, good food exists… A friend’s birthday lured me all the way to Hornchurch in east London. I was expecting good company but not good food at the pub. A doughnut burger sounds unhealthy and like something I’d find being served in a county fair in Florida, but […]

Doughnut burger, Hornchurch, 21st December 2014

Signage, Brixton tube station
It’s good to be back in Brixton… I woke up in my new flat in Brixton, I realised that yesterday wasn’t a dream and it really did happen: I moved away from my old place. It’s a relief to have reached my fourth rented flat of 2014. Medium: Digital drawing on iPhone […]

Home in…Brixton, 4th December 2014

Atomium, Brussels, Belgium
I needed to get away from my problems, temporarily… I decided to get away from London for 16 days (17 if you include Berlin Schönefeld Airport), visiting Belgium, Netherlands and Germany, making a drawing every day. Read more…

My ‘Grand Tour’ of Europe in drawings, November 2014

10am, Saturday morning, Maida Vale to Baker Street, Bakerloo line, 11th October 2014
A busy Saturday morning on the Tube… I’m hoping this will be the last drawing I do of my commutes from Maida Vale. I’m making preparations to move to the fourth flat of 2014, but to a much friendly place in Brixton. I’m going back south of the river. Medium: Digital drawing […]

Mother and daughter, Bakerloo line, 11th October 2014

8pm Sunday, train from Tiverton, Devon, to Paddington, 21st September 2014
Sleeping… Coming back from a friend’s fantastic wedding in Devon, I was sat next to someone who snored for much of the journey and woke up occasionally just to take a swig of milk from a large carton. Drawing digitally means I’m vulnerable to changes in technology. Rather boringly, I […]

Sleeping, train from Devon to Paddington, 21st September 2014

Looking away, 9am Monday morning, Maida Vale to Regent's Park, Bakerloo line, London, 8th September 2014
What do brightly-coloured ties say about someone’s personality? This scene is of another of my commutes into work from Maida Vale to Regent’s Park, mostly completed on my other journeys. The man’s Escher-pattern tie took a while to draw, it was quite intricate. Like this man, I’d like to look away […]

Nice tie, Bakerloo line, 8th September 2014

Reading financial reports, 7pm Tuesday evening, Oxford Circus to Maida Vale, Bakerloo line, 19th August 2014
Is it rude to see what others are reading on the Tube? Seeing what other people read must be the Tube equivalent of peeping through the net curtains to see what neighbours are doing, If it wasn’t wrong, why would we be discreet about it? There was plenty to read […]

Reading financial reports, Bakerloo line, 19th August 2014

4pm Sunday afternoon, South Kensington to King's Cross station, Piccadilly line, 17th August 2014
London can be tiring… I’m not sure if they were tourists, but they looked very tired. Halfway through sketching, the woman suddenly rested her weary head on the man’s shoulder and I had to quickly alter my sketch. Medium: Digital drawing on iPhone 4s and Brushes 3 app Date drawn: 17th August […]

Tired, Piccadilly line, 17th August 2014

Man crying, Sunday afternoon, District line, London, 10th August 2014
When someone cries on the Tube, where do you look? London can bring out the best and worse in people. It can stress you out, make you smile or cause you to cry. This couple seemed very sombre. The woman was rather stony-faced, while the man would burst into tears intermittently. […]

Man crying, District line, 10th August 2014