View from my bed in the morning, 7th January 2013
iPad drawing This weird view (looking out from across my pillow and blanket onto my bedroom) was drawn before my first day back at work after the long Christmas holidays. Sometimes the darkness and warmth of the bed in the morning is preferable to being outside in the ‘real’ world […]

Morning in bed – 7th January 2013

Nighttime: View from my bedroom, Birmingham, 1st January 2013
iPad drawings This is the view from my old bedroom at my parents’ house. It’s a fairly typical view of suburbia. A small amount of light can make minor elements more prominent at night. The drawings uses several layers, each layer holds certain elements and can have their settings like […]

Day and night in Birmingham – 1st January 2013

iPad drawing. I was the happy recipient of many gifts over Christmas, a time which I spent with my family in Birmingham. One of them was a bag of Haribo sweets – they didn’t last long once opened. This particular drawing took longer than average – I worked on it […]

Haribo – 27th December 2012

iPad drawing I’m not a big fan of shoe shopping. It’s a yearly event brought on by the failure of my shoes to keep my feet dry. I couldn’t leave my flat that day due to the rain, so I had time to draw them. Only the day after, when […]

My broken shoe – 24th November 2012

Knitwear - 7th October 2012
iPad drawing This drawing is a display of the knitwear generously made for me by my mum. She is convinced I don’t have enough. This was one of the first drawings I made after the app I use (Brushes) went through a major upgrade. It took a while to get […]

Knitwear – 7th October 2012

The view from my flat on a rainy day, Brixton - 23rd September 2012
iPad drawing It was a dark and cloudy day on the weekend that forced me to stay in my flat. What else could I do but draw the view from my window? This is the first time I didn’t use any lines when drawing digitally. Days like that give me […]

A rainy day, Brixton – 23rd September 2012

Layer 3: Colour
At the Lambeth Country Show one can see sheep shearing, prize-winning vegetables, falconry and dog shows, as well as eat well and drink cider. It has a great atmosphere and one of the reasons Brixton is such a unique place. So how was this drawing created? If you’re familiar with […]

Lambeth Country Show – 16th September 2012

My office, London - 5th September 2012. Wilson Yau
iPad drawing A video (41 seconds) showing the drawing I did on an iPad of part of my shared office at work. I sketched it after my shift had finished, then later at home I went over the sketch and added the finer details from a photograph.

My office – 5th September 2012

Food and wine shop
iPad drawing This is a shop local to me. At night the sign and the way the light passes through wine bottles always attracts my attention. Watch the video (1.26mins) above to see how it was created, or just see the end result below.

Wine and food shop at night – 30th August 2012

Bridford Mews, London, 2nd August 2012
iPad drawing This is a drawing of the view from my office. It was a sunny day and this gave me a chance to practice using light and shadow. Bridford Mews near Portland Place is a quiet street in Fitzrovia overlooked by a mix of high-status offices and residential flats […]

The view from my office: Bridford Mews – 2nd August ...

Rufus the dog, Gunmakers Tavern, London
iPad drawing This is the second drawing I have done of this beautiful Pyrenean mountain dog, doing pretty much the same thing as he was doing in the drawing I created exactly one year previous – lying on the floor of a pub in Marylebone, London. I was pleased with […]

Rufus the dog II – 29th June 2012

21 February 2012, 4.03 - 4.18pm: St Martin-in-the-Fields
iPad drawing Another of my early drawings on the iPad, this one was timed; it was drawn in 15 minutes (4.03 – 4.18pm). I still wasn’t used to using different layers, zooming in to create the finer details and unfamiliar with what the different brush options did.

St Martin-in-the-Fields – 21st February 2012

Rufus the dog, Gunmakers Tavern, London - 23rd July 2011
iPad drawing This dog is enormous – the size of a man – and beautiful. As one can guess, lying on the floor of this old-fashioned pub, Rufus gets a lot of attention and is easily the star in any place he is in. Rufus has received attention from both […]

Rufus the dog – 23rd July 2011

Digital drawing: A rough sketch of 66 Portland Place
iPad drawing This is my earliest digital drawing. I was testing out all the different settings and brushes and I quickly got fustrated from the lack of familiarity or experience, hence I spent very little time on it. I did a lot of similar unfinished or child-like drawings. Since then […]

Rough sketch of 66 Portland Place – 22nd July 2011