Oxford Circus

Meditating, 9.40am, Thursday morning, Victoria line, 26th March 2015
The Tube can be a relaxing place for some… On my way to work, this guy seemed so calm, I think he was meditating from Brixton to Oxford Circus and beyond. Medium: Digital drawing on iPhone 6 and Adobe Ideas app Date drawn: 20th March – 5th April 2015

Meditating, Thursday morning, Victoria line, 26th March 2015

Two guys, 11pm Saturday, Oxford Circus to Brixton, Victoria line, London, 28th February 2015
Always get a good night’s sleep. Returning home from the cinema, I saw this couple. One of them was very tired, but I got the indication they were just starting their night out. At Vauxhall, one woke the other from his sleep and they both got off. Medium: Digital drawing on […]

Two guys, Victoria line, 28th February 2015

Tuesday morning, Brixton to Oxford Circus, Victoria line, 10th - 26th February 2015, London
Talk, read, drink coffee, listen to music – not a cool cafe, just another Tube journey. Another morning rush-hour commute. Occasionally people talk. Medium: Digital drawing on iPhone 6+ and Adobe Ideas app Date drawn: 10th – 26th January 2015

Coffee and conversation, Victoria line, 10th February 2015

Reading financial reports, 7pm Tuesday evening, Oxford Circus to Maida Vale, Bakerloo line, 19th August 2014
Is it rude to see what others are reading on the Tube? Seeing what other people read must be the Tube equivalent of peeping through the net curtains to see what neighbours are doing, If it wasn’t wrong, why would we be discreet about it? There was plenty to read […]

Reading financial reports, Bakerloo line, 19th August 2014

Rainy evening, Oxford Circus, central London, 13th September 2013
Black is the main colour of umbrellas. It has been a wet end to the summer. It was a Friday evening, I had finished work and I was making my way down to Oxford Circus station when it rained heavily. A lot of people walking carelessly with pointy umbrellas too […]

Rainy evening, Oxford Circus, 13th September 2013