iPad drawing. I was the happy recipient of many gifts over Christmas, a time which I spent with my family in Birmingham. One of them was a bag of Haribo sweets – they didn’t last long once opened. This particular drawing took longer than average – I worked on it […]

Haribo – 27th December 2012

Victorian buildings, Acton, Londn. 2012 Oct 14th. Drawing by Wilson Yau
Video (59 seconds) recording my progress over four years. Ink drawing In 2008, without any idea of how long it would take me, I started a drawing of a Victorian block containing flats and shops just off the busy Uxbridge Road in Acton, London. It was just a short walk from […]

Four-year drawing project 2008-12

My office, London - 5th September 2012. Wilson Yau
iPad drawing A video (41 seconds) showing the drawing I did on an iPad of part of my shared office at work. I sketched it after my shift had finished, then later at home I went over the sketch and added the finer details from a photograph.

My office – 5th September 2012

Food and wine shop
iPad drawing This is a shop local to me. At night the sign and the way the light passes through wine bottles always attracts my attention. Watch the video (1.26mins) above to see how it was created, or just see the end result below.

Wine and food shop at night – 30th August 2012

Brookside model
The completed model I was commissioned to build an architectural model (scale 1:100) of the set of the long-running British television soap opera ‘Brookside’ based in Liverpool. The model of Brookside Close was for the Royal Institute of British Architects’ travelling exhibition ‘A Place to call Home: Where we live and […]

Model: Brookside Close, Liverpool, 2012

[caption id="attachment_1046" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Paper architecture, site-specific installation, by Wilson Yau, 2010[/caption]
Over the course a week, I worked with paper to transform an empty exhibition space. This site-specific installation piece was created in 2010 for the the final exhibition of my MA in Art & Design in Education at the Institute of Education, University of London. This piece enabled visitors to […]

Paper architecture: Site-specific installation, 2010