Sunset at New Cross Gate station, London, November 2021

Drawings of sunsets are hardly original, but it’s mine and I enjoyed creating it.

drawing of a sunset behind a dark ruined brick building and a lighter-coloured modern brick station building and platforms, railway lines and overgrown verges.
Drawing: New Cross Gate station, viewed from New Cross Road bridge looking north, London, England, 19th November 2021, © Wilson Yau

This is my first drawing of my new neighbourhood, Brockley in south London. It took two months to draw. It’s an iPad drawing of New Cross Gate station, which is just a few minutes walk away from my new flat (rented, of course, who can afford to buy in London?!). It was the spectacular autumn sunset and the giant conifer tree on the other side of the railway tracks that caught my eye whilst I looked over a bridge. As I looked more closely, the weeds and ruined brickwork of the older part of the station really interested me, especially its contrast to the modern and much more well cared for new building and platforms further ahead.

19-second video of the drawing being created:


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Medium: Digital drawing created on an iPad using Adobe Fresco app
Drawn: 19th November 2021 to 23rd January 2022
Drawing number: 1291