View from the kitchen window, Brockley, London, February 2022

Mediterranean weather, south London location…

Drawing of the view looking out from a window. A tap, a clear glass bottle and four housplants in pots are in front of the window. The view is of red frooftops with chimneys and behind are blur skies
iPad drawing: View from the kitchen, Brockley, London, 23rd February 2022, © Wilson Yau

Does it look a bit like I’m in the Mediterranean? Despite the blue skies, it’s south London! This view, from the kitchen of my rented flat, looked spectacular for a brief moment in the sun as I worked from home. The kitchen window has a range of houseplants which tend every day. I’ve made a mistake here, these plants are in real life are on the window sill and not in front of the window, but it’s just a drawing and not a photograph.

I like finding inspiration in everyday views and situations, such as this and my commutes.

19-second video of the drawing being created:


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Medium: Digital drawing created on an iPad using Adobe Fresco app
Drawn: 23rd February to 27th April 2022
Drawing number: 1300