Brixton station platform, London, 7th January 2018

Sometimes, Brixton is beautiful…

Platform of Brixton station, overlooking Electirc Avenue, London, England, 2pm 7th January 2018 (Drawing 991)
Platform of Brixton station, overlooking Electric Avenue, London, England, 2pm Sunday 7th January 2018

The sun was very bright whilst I was waiting for a train and carefully carrying a large homemade cake, which made me feel extra vulnerable on the narrow platform. I was going from Brixton to Kent House to see some friends before they emigrated. The elevated view looks down towards world-famous Electric Avenue, its decaying Victorian buildings providing the skyline for this drawing. I was grateful for a bit of sunshine during this grey winter.

Medium: Digital drawing created on an iPhone 6 and using Brushed Redux app
Drawn: 7th – 13th January 2018