Cafe, South Kensington station, 15th July 2017

Drinking tea and drawing strangers – a remedy for tiredness?

Corner Cafe, South Kensington underground station, 5pm 15th July 2017
Corner Cafe, South Kensington underground station, London, England, 5pm 15th July 2017

This drawing is dedicated to the wonderful students I taught and the great staff who supported me at the beautiful Victoria and Albert Museum, London, when I was leading an iPad architecture drawing workshop. I learnt new things from my talented group and I enjoyed seeing them gain confidence in their abilities and learning from each other. It does take a lot of energy to give total focus and support to any class. So, I went to a local cafe afterwards to unwind. There I watched lots of locals and tourists come and go, creating a fascinating scene that inspired me to draw – something I had spent that whole day helping other people to do before. After a day of teaching, to relax, all I needed was a strong cup of tea and to draw strangers in a cafe for an hour and a half!

Medium: Digital drawing created on an iPad and using Brushes Redux app
Drawn: 15th July 2017