Last Tube home, Northern line, 27th April 2014

It’s always a relief to get the last Tube home, whatever the state…

Last Tube home, 12.30am on the Northern line, London, Sunday 28th April 2014
Last Tube home, 12.30am on the Northern line to Morden, London, Sunday 27th April 2014

Closing time for pubs and the last trains don’t coincide. No joined-up thinking, but if it was to exist it would benefit us all immensely. So after I finished drinking on a Saturday night (probably to make myself forget the fact I paid to see Spiderman 2 at the cinema a few hours before) I had to rush to the Tube station. I did catch the last train as my drawing suggested, but by the time I wanted to change lines further down, the last train had departed. Again, no joined-up thinking.

I almost never finished this drawing. After my rough, half-drunken sketch, I started on other drawings. Somehow the scene of that one one man deep in alcohol-induced sleep made me go back to it.

Medium: Digital drawing on iPhone
Date drawn: 27th April – 18th May 2014