Old IKEA sofa – 16th February 2013

Old IKEA sofa, Brixton, 16th February 2013
Old IKEA sofa, Brixton, London, 16th February 2013

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London’s fast-moving and overpriced housing market means I will need to move soon. It’s quite a wasteful process in terms of time and money, but its the earth that must bear the greater burden of people regularly having to throw out possessions and forced to acquire new ones to suit each place. I’m looking at my battered sofa, aquired from IKEA in August 2008, wondering if it’s worth moving it once again. Considering its condition after four and a half years of constant use and the permanence of the enormous bum-shaped dent in the foam, I may be saying goodbye to this very soon.

Postscript: 10th March 2013
In the end I moved this sofa with me and it sits in my bedroom. It retains its unique shape.