Return to London: Evening in Brixton, 20th August 2020

People are what make Brixton an amazing place.

iPad drawing of the outside of the entrance of Brixton tube station in the evening, lots of people are walking, standing or hcatting outside, one person is singing, above is the lit neon sign with the words 'Electric Avenue'.
iPad drawing: Evening outside Brixton Underground station and Brixton Road, Brixton, London, England, 20th August 2020, by Wilson Yau

It’s good to be back. The people in my picture I spotted outside Brixton Underground station over the course of two months. This drawing was started two days after I returned to Brixton, after having spent five months shielding in Birmingham. I rarely travel on the Tube anymore, but I get to experience Brixton every day. It’s a rich subject for drawing. I enjoyed drawing all the local details, like the neon ‘Electric Avenue’ sign, the stand holding copies of the Evening Standard and the outside of the Iceland store.

What in Brixton shall I draw next?

Video of the drawing being created:


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Medium: Digital drawing created on an iPad using Adobe Fresco app
Drawn: 20th August – 16th October 2020
Drawing number: 1257