Friday night, Central line, London, 11th January 2019

They weren’t always arguing, sometimes they didn’t talk…

Friday night, Central line, Liverpool Street to Notting Hill stations, London, 11th January 2019
Friday night, Liverpool Street to Notting Hill Gate stations, Central line, London, England, 11th January 2019

I only use the Central line occasionally, that time the Tube got me to a friend’s house and not to work! This drawing is mainly two journeys combined into one, both from the same line that evening, with the second trip covering my return journey. The most notable figures are the arguing couple, who were debating the ownership or location of some household items that might have involved other people (family members?), sometimes they stopped for awkward silences. Looking at them now, they do make me laugh. The colourfully-dressed sleeping woman and the woman with a pushchair carrying a Christmas tree, I find them the most interesting, were from different journeys to the couple.

A 17-second video of the drawing being created:


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Medium: Digital drawing created on an iPhone 6 and using Adobe Illustrator Draw app
Drawn: 11th January – 14th March 2019