Peace lilies, Victoria line, London, 1st November 2018

I’ve seen bigger plants being carried on the Underground…

8pm Thursday, Victoria line, London, 1st November 2018

The woman carrying the pot of peace lilies caught my eye whilst I was returning home in the evening on the Victoria line. It’s always quite a risk carrying delicate plants on the crowded underground, but I’ve seen people skillfully transport much bigger plants. I remember a man carrying a huge Swiss cheese plant that was about his size. Nearby was a man with rosary beads. Reflected in the window are me and some of the other passengers. The other characters came from other journeys as I was sketching this up. Everyone is wrapped up, it’s definitely winter.

A 22-second video showing how it was drawn:


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Medium: Digital drawing created on an iPhone 6 and using Adobe Illustrator Draw app
Drawn: 1st November – 24th December 2018