Notting Hill Carnival, Victoria line, London, 25th August 2019

The carnival continues underground.

Drawing of people on the Tube
After the Notting Hill Carnival, 8.30pm, Sunday 25th August 2019

This one took a long time to draw, I just had other things to do and there was never enough commute time! But I had fond memories of this journey. I hadn’t realised the carnival was on, as I was out of London and visiting friends in Manchester. It was only on the Tube back from Euston to Brixton did it dawn on me that the people around me had come from the carnival. Some of them were very excited and seemed to have enjoyed their day. That vuvuzela was probably well used above ground earlier!

17-second video of the drawing:


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Medium: Digital drawing created on an iPhone 6 and using Adobe Illustrator Draw app
Drawn: 25th August – 31st December 2019
Drawing number: 1163