Sleeping spaniel, 7pm Tuesday, 7th November 2017, Oxford Circus to Brixton, Victoria line, London
No problem with sleeping dogs here. Initially, the lovely sleeping spaniel caught my attention as I had to step over it to get to a vacant seat. Only as I drew it and its owner did I notice the couple right in front of me. Goodness, they really couldn’t keep […]

Sleeping spaniel, Victoria line, 7th November 2017

Pier Head, Liverpool, England, 22nd October 2017 (Drawing 974)
What a beautiful city! Liverpool has many beautiful buildings and fantastic free museums. The place is full of culture as a result, but was devoid of good weather thanks to Storm Brian when I was visiting. This view I drew on my iPhone was from the Museum of Liverpool and it shows […]

Pier Head, Liverpool, England, 22nd October 2017

Japanese tourists, 8pm Tuesday, Victoria line, 15th August 2017
London couldn’t exist without them…   London’s a busy place. I’m surrounded by many familiar people every day: friends, colleagues and housemate, even the same people handing out free newspapers and Time Outs or preaching on the streets. I often forget many people are just passing through the city until I […]

Tourists, Victoria line, 15th August 2017

9.15am, Friday 30th June 2017, Brixton to Oxford Circus stations, Victoria line, London, England.
We’ve all done it: sleep, eat, use our phones and, ummm … wear bird print (I definitely have).  With teaching, work and travel, it’s been another busy time in my life, so squeezing in any drawing has been mostly a commute-only activity. The fragments of opportunity to draw have included: standing […]

Bird print, Victoria line, 30th June 2017

Corner Cafe, South Kensington underground station, 5pm 15th July 2017
Drinking tea and drawing strangers – a remedy for tiredness? This drawing is dedicated to the wonderful students I taught and the great staff who supported me at the beautiful Victoria and Albert Museum, London, when I was leading an iPad architecture drawing workshop. I learnt new things from my […]

Cafe, South Kensington station, 15th July 2017

Cutting nails, 16th May 2017, Victoria line
Is it ok to be cutting nails on the Tube? On a busy morning commute, I was rather appalled when a woman sat next to me began to clip her fingernails. At first, I thought she might be trimming one quickly, but I think she ended up cutting them all  – […]

Cutting nails, Victoria line, 16th May 2017

One of the canvases I'll be exhibiting (and selling) at the Urban Art Fair, London, 9th July 2017
Come and visit me in person at the Urban Art Fair on leafy Josephine Avenue, Brixton, London. The free art fair takes place on the streets of Brixton from Saturday 8th to Sunday 9th July, 10am to 6pm. I’ll be exhibiting on the Sunday only and will be one of 150 […]

Visit me at Urban Art Fair, London, 9th July 2017

6pm, Good Friday, Pimlico to Brixton, Victoria line, London, 14th April 2017
Nothing stops London. Events in the news have been shocking, but – despite the headlines – life in London carries on. It has to. This drawing took two months and done almost entirely during my commutes, which was the only time I had to draw due to work and other […]

Good Friday, Victoria line, 14th April 2017

Friday morning, Victoria line, 10th March 2017
The Tube is a good place to work out your expenses. On my way to Victoria station during a reasonably quiet time, I saw how people will leave a seat between each other if they can – this isn’t possible during the rush hour! The lady on the left attracted […]

Friday morning, Victoria line, 10th March 2017

9am Wednesday morning, Victoria line, London, 25th January 2017
It’s winter, even on the Underground, can’t you tell?   The product of six weeks’ worth of commuting time, this drawing records my first journey on the Tube to work after my trip around Europe. Somehow, the familiarity of my crowded commutes was an odd comfort after the constant change […]

Wednesday morning, Victoria line, 25th January 2017

11pm Saturday, Oxford Circus to Brixton stations, Victoria line, London, 17th December 2016 (Drawing 807)
A drink brings everyone together… At night, the Tube takes on a different atmosphere, it becomes more social when groups of people travel together. Few people are going to work, instead they’re jovially coming back or on their way to paaaaarty. I was coming home from Romford after a meal […]

Saturday evening, Victoria line, 17th December 2016

9am Tuesday, Brixton to Oxford Cricus stations, Victoria line, London, 15th November 2016 (Drawing 791)
Another morning commute… Another exciting day heading to work in central London, surrounded by fellow commuters reading, playing on their phones or eagerly waiting to reach their destination. Nothing specific caught my eye,it felt like any other commute. This time is used the Adobe Draw app, one I’ve rarely use […]

Morning commute, Victoria line, 15th November 2016

4.30pm Sunday, Victoria to South Kensington stations, District line, London (Drawing 775)
You can transport anything on the Tube… Time it right and you can use the Tube to carry anything: furniture, giant luggage, a class of kids — but not in rush hour! It seems the main reason I use the District line is to go to the V&A, which is […]

Flat-pack furniture, District line, 16th October 2016

6.30pm Monday bank holiday, West Hampstead to Canada Water stations, Jubilee line, London, 29th August 2016 (Drawing 741)
Sometimes there’s just not enough seats on the Tube… It was a lot warmer back in August, but since this drawing has been completed the weather is more autumnal – now everyone has a coat and umbrella, and scarves and gloves will follow soon. This work is based on a sketch of a […]

Bank Holiday, Jubilee line, 29th August 2016

9.30am Friday, Brixton to Oxford Circus stations, Victoria line, London, 29th July 2016 (Drawing 720)
No sunburn or cakes for me thanks, just commuting. I took me a while to draw this. I had originally abandoned it and left it as an onsite sketch, and I went on to draw other work, but the central character protectively holding a box of cupcakes proved hard to […]

Sunburn and cake, Victoria line, 29th July 2016

Stretching, 3rd August 2016, Victoria line
Make the most of your time on the Tube… Running as part of your commute is certainly a great way to make the most of your mornings. But if I did that, I would have been able to draw this runner stretching on part of my journey to work on […]

Stretching, Victoria line, 3rd August 2016

Dog during rush hour, Victoria line, 12th July 2016
Rush hour can be enjoyed by anyone or anything. Most people during rush hour on the Tube are going to work, adult age and, rather obviously, human – me! Any deviation from those parameters is noticeable, like a child, an older person or a tourist with large suitcases. In this […]

Dog during rush hour, Victoria line, 12th July 2016

8pm Wednesday, Oxford Circus to Brixton stations, Victoria line, London, 8th June 2016 (Drawing 681)
The flowers weren’t for me. I toil long hours at my job to keep those bills paid, it leaves little time to draw. So, as usual I’m snatching a few minutes here and there to scribble away at my iPhone screen, hence over a month to finish this drawing. On […]

Wednesday evening, Victoria line, 8th June 2016

Switch House, Tate Modern, London, 19th June 2016
A visit is recommended. After much construction work the impressive new extension to Tate Modern has opened and added a new landmark to London’s skyline. The interior of this twisted brick pyramid is fascinating to explore. On my first visit, I drew what I saw, whilst making my way upwards […]

Switch House, Tate Modern, 18th June 2016

Tuesday evening, Overground line, 3rd May 2016
I have no idea what they were looking at. Returning home from a meal at a friend’s house, I took the long and convoluted journey from east to south London. Every Tube line is different, but the people are always interesting. Medium: Digital drawing created on an iPhone 6 and using […]

Tuesday evening, Overground, 3rd May 2016