Curtains, Sunday afternoon, Victoria Line, London, 3rd March 2019

There was a lot of fabric.

Digital drawing: Victoria line, London, 2pm Sunday 3rd March 2019 (Drawing 1156)
Euston to Brixton station, 2pm Sunday 3rd March 2019, Victoria line, London, England

I had to draw this in reverse, as the woman on the right of this was sat next to me. She had surprised me by pulling out of a bag huge lengths of fabric, possibly old curtains, and I think I think she was picking out stitches or pins from them. No one else seemed to be reacting, so I carried on listening to my music and, of course, starting a drawing.

Below is a 13-second video of the whole drawing, but you can see the initial sketch online as an Instagram post.

Medium: Digital drawing created on an iPhone 6 and using Adobe Illustrator Draw app
Drawn: 3rd March – 2nd May 2019