iPad drawings: Autumn in Brockwell Park, London, 2020

iPad drawings capturing the changing seasons in my local park in London.


iPad drawing of Brockwell Park showing green trees and a church spire over grassy slopes.
View of Brockwell Park, with St Trinity Church in the distance, Herne Hill, London, 5th September 2020 (Drawing 1258)


Nature in 2020 continued to be important after the first UK lockdown, when green spaces provided refuge from the uncertainties of the Covid-19 pandemic. When I returned to London after shielding with family, I reacquainted myself with my local green space, Brockwell Park which lies between Brixton and Herne Hill. Over the last days of summer and into autumn, I felt inspired to draw the lush greenery which soon changed into the vibrant colours of autumn. Of course, this soon gave way to winter and new lockdowns from November. Here are some of those iPad drawings.


iPad drawing of a tree covered in red leaves next to a pond with reflections of trees.
Autumn trees next to a pond, Brockwell Park, Herne Hill, London, England, 23rd October 2020 (Drawing no.1262)


Trees covdred in orange leaves next to an empty path, sun is shining through the trees brightly causing heavy shadows on the path.
Autumn trees on a path, Brockwell Park, Herne Hill, London, England, 30th October 2020 (Drawing no.1263)


A group of trees covered in yellow leaves and with some bare branches, a curved path runs to the right of the trees, against a blue sky.
Autumn trees on a path, Brockwell Park, Herne Hill, London, England, 11th November 2020 (Drawing no.1264)


iPad drawing of an expanse of short green grass in the foreground with the shadow of trees, in the distnace is a panoramic view of the City of London and its skyscraper including the Shard.
View of Herne Hill, Park View House and Herne Hill House (towers) and the City of London from Brockwell Park, London, England; 24th November 2020 (Drawing no.1265)

Video of drawing of view of Herne Hill being created:

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All drawings are by Wilson Yau and created on an iPad using the Adobe Fresco app.
All images © Wilson Yau