Suburban dreams, Birmingham, 2020

Drawings from life in a Birmingham suburb.

Cherry trees, Harborne, Birmingham
Cherry trees, Harborne, Birmingham, 14th April 2020

The shared disruption caused by the coronavirus outbreak in 2020 has, like everyone else, impacted on my daily life and all future plans. I am extremely grateful I’ve been spared from its worse effects so far, and that all my immediate family and close friends are safe and well.

My art work was based on what I see around me, and for the most part it was inspired by my daily commutes on the Tube. That subject is for now no longer part of my life and I’ve ceased drawing it. My work is now inspired by the suburbs of Birmingham, England, where I grew up and where I am living with family during lockdown, leading to a lot of re-evaluation of places I had known better when was in my teens and early 20s. It’s very peaceful and green here.

My drawings are regularly posted on Instagram. Below is a selection of the drawings, all drawn on an iPad using the Adobe Fresco app.

Drawing of electricty pylons, Barnes Hill, Birmingham
Pylons, Barnes Hill, Birmingham, 15th April 2020
Trees and tower blocks, Harborne, Birmingham
Trees and tower blocks, Harborne, Birmingham, 20th April 2020
Drawing of the Bourne Brook, Birmingham
Bourne Brook, Birmingham, 22nd-25th April 2020
Drawing of Birch trees, West Boulevard, Birmingham
Birch trees, West Boulevard, Birmingham, 26th April 2020
Drawing of Cherry tree
Cherry tree, Harborne, Birmingham, 30th April 2020