Learn basic Norwegian

Oslo harbour and Town Hall, Norway, 5pm Sunday 30th August 2015 (Drawing 535)
Drawing of Oslo harbour and Town Hall, created onsite in five minutes, 30th August 2015


I tried making Norwegian visually fun to learn, in preparation for a four-day visit to Oslo. I discovered it to be a great city. Sadly, much of my learnt Norwegian was left unused.

Here’s how I tried to encourage my girlfriend to learn with me through my drawings in the run-up to our holiday:

Norwegian word 8, Happy Birthday, 25th August 2015 (Drawing 533)
Happy Birthday
Norwegian word 7, Food, 23rd August 2015 (Drawing 532B)
Norwegian word 6, Cheers, 20th August 2015 (Drawing 531)
Norwegian word 5, Greetings, 19th August 2015 (Drawing 529)
Norwegian word 4, Numbers, 18th August 2015 (Drawing 528)
Norwegian word 3, Do you speak English, 17th Augus 2015 (Drawing 527)
Do you speak English?
Norwegian word 2, Yes and No, 16th August 2015 (Drawing 526)
Yes and No
Norwegian word 1, thank you, 16th August 2015 (Drawing 525)
Thank you