About me

Me teaching.
Me teaching.

I’m a London-based artist and teacher. I believe anyone, whatever their age, can draw and use drawing to learn, express themselves and explore the world around them. Drawing is accessible to anyone and I believe it can improve wellbeing – hence my work in encouraging others to take up drawing and making. Digital now makes up the majority of my practice, though I believe digital art making complements traditional methods of creating art – it’s not a replacement. I’m a keen advocate of drawing, especially digital, as a way to foster creativity in relevant and accessible forms in young people, and an enjoyable way to reduce technological barriers for older people.

In 2006 I graduated with a BA in Architecture from the University of Central England (now Birmingham City University). I then trained as an art teacher at the UCL Institute of Education, London, where I gained a PGCE followed by an MA in Education in Art and Design in 2010. I combine all of these to use architecture and art to inspire creativity and foster learning.

I do a lot of drawing, but my work also includes:

  • 3D printing
    Since 2016, I’ve been designing 3d models and creating them via 3D printing.
  • Architectural models
    I make handmade and laser-cut models and these have been exhibited across the United Kingdom.
  • Exhibitions
    In 2014 I contributed to a photographic exhibition at the Royal Academy, London. I show and sell work at art fairs and craft markets across London.
  • Museum education
    I’m now lucky enough to work as part of the public Learning team at the Royal Institute of British Architects, leading on digital learning and community outreach. Activities I have lead include drawing and digital workshops for learners of all ages and abilities.
  • Research
    In 2018 I was awarded a research award to investigate the influence of the British Empire and its architects
  • Teaching
    I hold a PGCE and MA in Art & Design in Education from the UCL Institute of Education, London. I spent several years in state secondary schools as an art teacher. I do some freelancing, teaching traditional and digital drawing techniques at museums and art galleries, such as the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Watts Gallery.

Contact me

Email: mrwilsonyau(at)gmail.com

All the work on this website is my own and © Wilson Yau 2007-2018. Do share and attribute to this website, thanks!

Me preparing for an exhibition.
Me preparing for an exhibition.