About me

Me sketching on an iPad

Me sketching on an iPad

I was born in Birmingham, England, where I lived for much of my life. I studied architecture (BA) at university and trained as an art teacher. Now I live and work in London. I do a lot of drawing, but my work also includes:

ExhibitionsI make architectural models and these have been exhibited across the United Kingdom. In 2014 I contributed to a photographic exhibition at the Royal Academy, London.

– Digital content: Writing, research, photography, videos and podcasts.

Teaching: I hold a PGCE and MA in education from the Institute of Education, London. I spent several years in state secondary schools as an art teacher. I’m now lucky enough to work as part of the public Learning team at the Royal Institute of British Architects, where my work includes leading digital and iPad drawing workshops, and working with learners of all ages. I also freelance at the Victoria and Albert Museum, teaching drawing.

All my drawings were originally created for fun or to the explore ideas, rather than for a client or to sell. This website is a just a way to record and share my work.


Contact me

Email: mrwilsonyau(at)gmail.com

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