About me

Wilson YauI’m a London-based artist and teacher. Born in Birmingham, West Midlands, I moved to London in 2007.

In 2006 I graduated with a BA in Architecture from the University of Central England (now Birmingham City University). I then trained as an art teacher at the UCL Institute of Education, London, where I gained a PGCE followed by an MA in Education in Art and Design in 2010.

I believe anyone, whatever their age, can draw and use drawing to learn, express themselves and explore the world around them. Drawing is accessible to anyone and I believe it can improve wellbeing, hence my work in encouraging others to take up drawing and making. Digital now makes up the majority of my practice, though I believe digital art-making complements traditional methods of creating art – it’s not a replacement. I’m a keen advocate of drawing, especially digital, as a way to foster creativity in relevant and accessible forms in young people, and an enjoyable way to reduce technological barriers for older people.

I do a lot of drawing, especially on the Tube, which has been the subject of an interview (2019) with the Londonist. You can also discover what I think about creativity and see me demonstrate some new drawing ideas in a filmed discussion (2020) with The Big Draw.

Other work
Outside of drawing, my work also includes:

Contact me

Email: mrwilsonyau(at)gmail.com

All the work on this website is my own and © Wilson Yau 2007-2019. Do share and attribute to this website, thanks!

Wilson Yau: Drawing on the Tube
Me drawing on the Tube


Wilson teaching.
Me teaching.


Wilson preparing for an exhibition.
Me preparing for an exhibition.


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