Tottenham Court Road station, London, 8th October 2015
A new corner of London with lots of old memories Due to bad timing I arrived too early at Tottenham Court Road station to meet my girlfriend, so I used the time to draw the new entrance building to the station. This corner of Charing Cross Road and Oxford Street has changed […]

Tottenham Court Road station, 8th October 2015

Friday evening, Caffè Nero, Euston station, 18th October 2013
I think I was the only one in that coffee shop not writing a movie script, some poetry or first novel. Whilst waiting for a train, I sat and drew in Caffè Nero for a hour, even though I didn’t buy anything, as it was far better than the overcrowded and […]

Friday evening, Caffè Nero, Euston station, 18th October 2013

Burger eating, Monday evening, Victoria Line, London, 23rd September 2013
I experienced food envy on my way home. Is there any etiquette to follow when eating on the Tube? One fellow passenger focused solely on his evening meal, without making eye contact with anyone or anything else. He had bitten his food to leave a perfect cross section of his […]

Eating a burger, Victoria Line, 23rd September 2013

Newsagent, Herne Hill station, London, 15th September 2013
Can I do more than top-up my Oystercard, gamble or buy a newspaper here? The interior of Herne Hill station is not beautiful, but it has previously supplied subjects to draw such as a public payphone. I sketched this as I was waiting for a train to go into central London, when […]

Newsagent, Herne Hill station, 15th September 2013

Rainy evening, Oxford Circus, central London, 13th September 2013
Black is the main colour of umbrellas. It has been a wet end to the summer. It was a Friday evening, I had finished work and I was making my way down to Oxford Circus station when it rained heavily. A lot of people walking carelessly with pointy umbrellas too […]

Rainy evening, Oxford Circus, 13th September 2013

Public payphone, Herne Hill train station, London, 2nd July 2013
iPad drawing The interior of Herne Hill station, despite it’s beautiful Neo-Gothic brick exterior, is hideous. Probably from the 1970s, it’s all yellow and brown tiles with no original features. It has a payphone, an odd sight now when most people have mobile phones. I feel almost like I could […]

Public payphone, Herne Hill, 2nd July 2013

Windosr Street goods station, Rupert Street, Birmingham, 2007
There were several goods stations built in the 19th century to serve Birmingham. Only a few façades (my drawing is of one of those) and a narrow block of offices remain today on the perimeter of the once-extensive Windsor Street goods station, with the rest of the site currently given over to […]

Windsor Street goods station, Birmingham, 2007