11pm Saturday, Oxford Circus to Brixton stations, Victoria line, London, 17th December 2016 (Drawing 807)
A drink brings everyone together… At night, the Tube takes on a different atmosphere, it becomes more social when groups of people travel together. Few people are going to work, instead they’re jovially coming back or on their way to paaaaarty. I was coming home from Romford after a meal […]

Saturday evening, Victoria line, 17th December 2016

Grant Thornton House and Euston station, London, 5th February 2016 (Drawing 605)
Euston, you only look good at night.   Euston is an ugly station, but at night it’s transformed. The office blocks that surround it become less monolithic in the dark, before the office lights are switched off; the silhouette of office furniture and the blinds break up the rectangles of lights from […]

Euston Square, London, 5th February 2016

6.30pm, sunset over rooftops and Lambeth Town Hall clock tower, Brixton, London, 11th October 2015 (Drawing 552)
It’s a noisy and expensive city, but at least the spectacular sunsets are silent and free From the terrace on my roof I saw a spectacular sunset for a brief few minutes before it went dark. In the distance was the clock tower of Lambeth Town Hall, with its clock […]

Sunset over rooftops, Brixton, 11th October 2015

Houses of Parliament and the River Thames, Albert Embankment, 19th June 2014
Sometimes I have to remind myself London is a great city, despite the expense and insecure tenancies… This was unusual in that it’s drawn from a photograph, which I took earlier the same evening, rather than sketched onsite. The scene was spectacular, like from a painting by Monet. I wanted […]

Houses of Parliament and the River Thames, 19th June 2014

Saturday night, from Victoria to Brixton, Victoria line, 14th June 2014
If there really was a housing a crisis in London, we’d find people sleeping on the Tube… When it’s close to midnight, every Londoner has to make a decision on whether to get one of the last trains home or stay out and try one of the much slower night […]

Saturday night, Victoria line, 14th June 2014

Last Tube home, 12.30am on the Northern line, London, Sunday 28th April 2014
It’s always a relief to get the last Tube home, whatever the state… Closing time for pubs and the last trains don’t coincide. No joined-up thinking, but if it was to exist it would benefit us all immensely. So after I finished drinking on a Saturday night (probably to make […]

Last Tube home, Northern line, 27th April 2014

Life outside Brixton underground station, London, 8th March 2014
It’s always busy outside Brixton underground station day or night. It’s extra busy outside the station when there’s a gig at the Brixton Academy, an event which attracts annoying and loud ticket touts and big groups of people from outside the area meeting up in the only place they know. […]

Life outside Brixton underground station, 8th March 2014

Nighttime: View from my bedroom, Birmingham, 1st January 2013
iPad drawings This is the view from my old bedroom at my parents’ house. It’s a fairly typical view of suburbia. A small amount of light can make minor elements more prominent at night. The drawings uses several layers, each layer holds certain elements and can have their settings like […]

Day and night in Birmingham – 1st January 2013

Food and wine shop
iPad drawing This is a shop local to me. At night the sign and the way the light passes through wine bottles always attracts my attention. Watch the video (1.26mins) above to see how it was created, or just see the end result below.

Wine and food shop at night – 30th August 2012