Corner Cafe, South Kensington underground station, 5pm 15th July 2017
Drinking tea and drawing strangers – a remedy for tiredness? This drawing is dedicated to the wonderful students I taught and the great staff who supported me at the beautiful Victoria and Albert Museum, London, when I was leading an iPad architecture drawing workshop. I learnt new things from my […]

Cafe, South Kensington station, 15th July 2017

11pm Saturday, Oxford Circus to Brixton stations, Victoria line, London, 17th December 2016 (Drawing 807)
A drink brings everyone together… At night, the Tube takes on a different atmosphere, it becomes more social when groups of people travel together. Few people are going to work, instead they’re jovially coming back or on their way to paaaaarty. I was coming home from Romford after a meal […]

Saturday evening, Victoria line, 17th December 2016

Friday evening, Caffè Nero, Euston station, 18th October 2013
I think I was the only one in that coffee shop not writing a movie script, some poetry or first novel. Whilst waiting for a train, I sat and drew in Caffè Nero for a hour, even though I didn’t buy anything, as it was far better than the overcrowded and […]

Friday evening, Caffè Nero, Euston station, 18th October 2013

Battersea Power Station, London, 21st September 2013
Entry to the landmark was free! Open House is a fantastic free event. The place I chose to visit, Battersea Power Station, was so popular it led to a two-hour wait with 18,000 other visitors that day to get in, but it was worth it. Good company meant the queuing time didn’t […]

Battersea Power Station, 21st September 2013

My desk, Herne Hill, 26th August 2013
A clear-desk policy doesn’t apply at home. I like to keep my desk tidy, both at home and work. What you don’t see in this drawing of my desk at home is the pile of unread books to the right; there is just the suggestion of the small pile of […]

My desk, Herne Hill, 26th August 2013

Lipstick and scratching, Victoria line, London, 1st August 2013
I’ve never thought make-up could be entertaining. On a commute during a Thursday morning rush hour I was entertained for a few minutes watching someone apply make-up. It’s a skill to be able to apply cosmetics like lipstick either during stops at station or, more impressively, while the train is […]

Lipstick and scratching, Victoria line, 1st August 2013

Person asleep, Victoria line, 29th June 2013
iPhone drawing A Saturday morning trip to catch a train to Manchester. It was early, but in context I was the most lively and awake person there. I wasn’t sure if my fellow traveller was drunk or just very tired.

Person asleep, Victoria line, 29th June 2013

Man picking nose, train to Herne Hill, 12th June 2013
iPhone drawing On my way home on a wet day, meaning a wet train carriage, made even more disgusting when I saw a man picking his nose and eating whatever he found.  

Man picking nose, 12th June 2013

My mattress, Herne Hill, 27th May 2013
iPad drawing It was time to wash my sheets and also the mattress cover. It reminded me of the imperfect condition of what I sleep on and ignited questions I tried to suppress: What is the history of the bed in my furnished, rented  room? Who slept on it before? […]

My mattress, 27th May 2013

Red trousers, Argos, Brixton, London, 2nd May 2013
iPad drawing It’s cold. Single glazing is not good, but that’s what I’ve got. I went to Argo to get a small electric heater which has been an absolute saviour, whilst there I spotted red trousers, proving it wasn’t just a hipster / East London thing.  

Red trousers, Brixton – 2nd May 2013

Tesco book display, 31st March 2013
iPad drawing I was surprised to see Nigella Lawson’s latest book was security tagged, but more so on closer inspection. Does someone at Tesco dislike the author? Nice book though.  

Tesco book display – 31st March 2013

'Medicine' for a cold, 28th February 2013
iPad drawing Illness is disruptive. I’ve taken time off work because of a cold, but I’m glad I’ve fallen ill now, so I have time to recover before moving. Whatever my state of health, I’m not looking forward to moving all my heavier possessions. When I fall ill, I tend to buy […]

‘Medicines’ for a cold – 28th February 2013

The DVD collection, Brixton, 24th February 2013
iPad drawing There’s just a week to go until I move flats. It’s time to use those boxes I brought from Argos and pack away that embarassing DVD collection resting on my IKEA shelves. I’m determined to keep the DVDs in alphabetical order in their future home. With iPlayer and streaming, […]

The DVD collection – 24th February 2013

Argos, Brixton, 22nd February 2013
iPad drawing At the last minute I have found a new place to live. With the impending move, I’ve had to go to Argos in Brixton, flick through their laminated catalogue (putting to the back of my mind the thought of the thousands of unwashed hands that have touched the […]

Argos, Brixton – 22nd February 2013

Old IKEA sofa, Brixton, 16th February 2013
iPad drawing London’s fast-moving and overpriced housing market means I will need to move soon. It’s quite a wasteful process in terms of time and money, but its the earth that must bear the greater burden of people regularly having to throw out possessions and forced to acquire new ones […]

Old IKEA sofa – 16th February 2013

Dead cycad plant, 11th February 2013
iPad drawing At my parents’ house there is a houseplant I grew from seed. From memory it germinated in 1993 and it had been growing slowly ever since then, but sadly it died after a member of the family ‘looked after’ it at the end of 2012. The dried remains […]

Dead houseplant – 11th February 2013