9am Tuesday, Brixton to Oxford Cricus stations, Victoria line, London, 15th November 2016 (Drawing 791)
Another morning commute… Another exciting day heading to work in central London, surrounded by fellow commuters reading, playing on their phones or eagerly waiting to reach their destination. Nothing specific caught my eye,it felt like any other commute. This time is used the Adobe Draw app, one I’ve rarely use […]

Morning commute, Victoria line, 15th November 2016

8pm Wednesday, Oxford Circus to Brixton stations, Victoria line, London, 8th June 2016 (Drawing 681)
The flowers weren’t for me. I toil long hours at my job to keep those bills paid, it leaves little time to draw. So, as usual I’m snatching a few minutes here and there to scribble away at my iPhone screen, hence over a month to finish this drawing. On […]

Wednesday evening, Victoria line, 8th June 2016

7pm Monday, Oxford Circus to Brixton stations, Victoria line, London, 11th January 2016 (Drawing 598)
R.I.P. I heard early in the morning the sad news from friends. By the time I finished work and on my way home, news of David Bowie’s death was everywhere, and sites near or across Brixton became gathering places for Bowie fans. Medium: Digital drawing created on an iPhone 6 and using […]

David Bowie, Victoria line, 11th January 2016

7pm, Wednesday 18th November 2015, Oxford Circus to Brixton stations, Victoria line, London
Puzzle solving on the Tube. I had to make a sketch quickly of this scene of a fellow commuter engrossed in solving a sudoku puzzle, as I only had time to draw between Stockwell and Brixton (the last two stations of the southern end of the Victoria line); I was probably […]

Sudoku, Victoria line, London, 18th November 2015

Reading financial reports, 7pm Tuesday evening, Oxford Circus to Maida Vale, Bakerloo line, 19th August 2014
Is it rude to see what others are reading on the Tube? Seeing what other people read must be the Tube equivalent of peeping through the net curtains to see what neighbours are doing, If it wasn’t wrong, why would we be discreet about it? There was plenty to read […]

Reading financial reports, Bakerloo line, 19th August 2014

Snickers bar, Wednesday morning, Victoria line, London, 19th February 2014
A chocolate bar in the morning? I prefer a fry up. Reading, eating and sleeping were the options available on this journey. Medium: Digital drawing on iPhone Date drawn: 19th February – 8th March 2014

Snickers bar, Victoria line, 19th February 2014

Reading other people's magazines, Victoria line, 11th February 2014
 On the Tube, you’re not only sharing germs, air and space, but also the free newspapers and magazines. Another busy Tuesday morning on the Victoria line. Life on the Tube carries on, though with the odd clue about what’s happening on the surface – in this case it’s the umbrellas. I saw […]

Reading other people’s magazines, Victoria line, 11th February 2014

Delayed morning service, Victoria line, 28th January 2014
I’ll be positive. I’m looking forward to the next two days of Tube strikes… There might be scenes like this when the Tube strikes begin from the evening of Tuesday 11th until the end of Thursday 13th February – or the opposite if everyone avoids the Tube. I sketched this on […]

Delayed morning service, Victoria line, 28th January 2014

Monday morning, Victoria line, 4th November 2013
Winter has arrived in London. Coats and scarves are now essential until July! Sketched during the rush hour, over the course of a week I drew most of this on my subsequent journeys on the Tube. Medium: Digital drawing on iPhone Date drawn: 4th – 12th November 2013

Coats and winter, Victoria line, 4th November 2013

Thursday news, Victoria line, 17th October 2013
The wrong prices always go up: Energy prices soar 10.6% I normally try and avoid picking up the ubiquitous free papers, but during my journey home on a Thursday evening I began reading the headlines from someone else’s newspaper. There was no good news and that is why I normally […]

Thursday’s news, Victoria line, 17th October 2013

Newsagent, Herne Hill station, London, 15th September 2013
Can I do more than top-up my Oystercard, gamble or buy a newspaper here? The interior of Herne Hill station is not beautiful, but it has previously supplied subjects to draw such as a public payphone. I sketched this as I was waiting for a train to go into central London, when […]

Newsagent, Herne Hill station, 15th September 2013

Celebrities in print, Victoria line, London, 15th July 2013
The omnipresent celebrities and free newspapers. Either side of me I had the faces of celebrities staring back at me from free newspapers and magazines. I drew the sketch during the morning journey into work, and coloured and finished it on my way back home eight or so hours later. […]

Celebrities in print, Victoria line, 15th July 2013

News of Andy Murray, Victoria line, 8th July 2013
iPhone drawing Every newspaper was full of news of about Andy Murray’s victory at Wimbledon the previous day: Yesterday’s news, today! Most people had heard the news immediately through the internet, radio or television, and now newspapers get to mention it again. I’m not too keen on tennis, less so […]

News of Andy Murray, Victoria line, 8th July 2013

Newspaper stand, Sainsbury's, Herne Hill, London, 9th April 2013
iPhone drawing The death of Margaret Thatcher was the lead news item on all the front page of every newspaper in Britain today. Her image was staring out at me from the newstand of my local branch of Sainsbury’s. I don’t think I’m particularly good at drawing portraits!  

Newspaper stand, Sainsbury’s – 9th April 2013