No.68 bus from Euston to Norwood, 3rd January 2014
When using public transport, hold on to anything, as you’ll get no warning when that bus or train will suddenly stop. I was coming back with heavy luggage after spending the Christmas holidays in Birmingham, when I had to board a packed bus at Euston station during the rush-hour to return […]

Bus to Norwood, south London, 3rd January 2014

Popcorn for breakfast, bus stop, Dulwich Road, Herne Hill, London, 9th October 2013
Popcorn, good enough for breakfast. It must have been 9am when I managed to get to the bus stop as the first part of my journey to work. I always wish I could get to work earlier, but there’s lots to do in the morning at home and I doubt […]

Popcorn for breakfast, Herne Hill, 9th October 2013

Applying make-up, bus to Brixton, London, 29th September 2013
Things to do on a bus: Draw, apply make-up and file one’s nails. Taking the number 196 bus from Herne Hill to Brixton, I sat at the back of the top deck, there I was able to observe a lot of different activities. One woman in front of me on […]

Applying make-up, bus to Brixton, 29th September 2013

Man eating, number 3 bus, Brixton, 10th June 2013
iPhone drawing I was on my way home, boarded a packed bus and I thought I was lucky when I spotted an empty seat. The guy sitting next to that seat was a powerful reason why no one wanted to sit there. The smell of fried food and ketchup was rather […]

Man eating on a bus, Brixton, 10th June 2013