Train to Euston, 21st October 2013
I know what you’re feeling like, I’m tired too. On a train from Birmingham New Street station to Euston, during the journey I drew a man resting. Medium: Digital drawing on iPhone Date drawn: 21st October 2013

Train to Euston, 21st October 2013

Train from Euston to Birmingham, 16th June 2013
iPhone drawing Looking after kids must be hard. I don’t have any, so I can be glad that these ‘angels’ weren’t mine. What a mess.

Train to Birmingham, 16th June 2013

View from platform 1, Birmingham New Street station, 21st April 2013
iPhone drawing Birmingham News Street station is undergoing a massive rebuilding programme. I was standing in the part of the station that still retained a fragment of its 19th-century predecessor. In amongst the ever decreasing amount of stained concrete from the 1960s, at the end of platforms 2 and 1 are brick arches […]

Birmingham New Street station – 21st April 2013

Coat hook, train from Euston, 19th April 2013
iPhone drawing It was a dull train journey from Euston to Birmingham New Street station. I spent my time drawing the details around me, this included a coat hook, the back a seat and the electronic display showing seat numbers and reservation information. The trip was boring enough to ellicit this […]

Coat hook, train from Euston – 19th April 2013

Nighttime: View from my bedroom, Birmingham, 1st January 2013
iPad drawings This is the view from my old bedroom at my parents’ house. It’s a fairly typical view of suburbia. A small amount of light can make minor elements more prominent at night. The drawings uses several layers, each layer holds certain elements and can have their settings like […]

Day and night in Birmingham – 1st January 2013

Primark store, Birmingham - 18th September 2012
iPhone drawing All the Primark stores I’ve been to look the same. As well as the same stock and interiors, the queues are the same – long! This was drawn as I waited for my mother and sister, both of whom were, of course, in the queue.

Primark, Birmingham – 18th September 2012

Brookside model
The completed model I was commissioned to build an architectural model (scale 1:100) of the set of the long-running British television soap opera ‘Brookside’ based in Liverpool. The model of Brookside Close was for the Royal Institute of British Architects’ travelling exhibition ‘A Place to call Home: Where we live and […]

Model: Brookside Close, Liverpool, 2012

Windosr Street goods station, Rupert Street, Birmingham, 2007
There were several goods stations built in the 19th century to serve Birmingham. Only a few façades (my drawing is of one of those) and a narrow block of offices remain today on the perimeter of the once-extensive Windsor Street goods station, with the rest of the site currently given over to […]

Windsor Street goods station, Birmingham, 2007

Dean Street, Birmingham, 2007
This is a view of the side of 42-45 Upper Dean Street, a row of run-down 19th-century terraces which have been Grade II listed since 1982. I drew this view using photographs taken from a neighbouring large street-level car park on Dean Street, a site which since 2011 been a […]

Dean Street, Birmingham, 2007