9.15am, Friday 30th June 2017, Brixton to Oxford Circus stations, Victoria line, London, England.
We’ve all done it: sleep, eat, use our phones and, ummm … wear bird print (I definitely have).  With teaching, work and travel, it’s been another busy time in my life, so squeezing in any drawing has been mostly a commute-only activity. The fragments of opportunity to draw have included: standing […]

Bird print, Victoria line, 30th June 2017

Corner Cafe, South Kensington underground station, 5pm 15th July 2017
Drinking tea and drawing strangers – a remedy for tiredness? This drawing is dedicated to the wonderful students I taught and the great staff who supported me at the beautiful Victoria and Albert Museum, London, when I was leading an iPad architecture drawing workshop. I learnt new things from my […]

Cafe, South Kensington station, 15th July 2017

Tuesday evening, Overground line, 3rd May 2016
I have no idea what they were looking at. Returning home from a meal at a friend’s house, I took the long and convoluted journey from east to south London. Every Tube line is different, but the people are always interesting. Medium: Digital drawing created on an iPhone 6 and using […]

Tuesday evening, Overground, 3rd May 2016

Things from my coat pocket, London, 11th December 2013
At Christmas time, even the contents of my coat pockets become festive. My coat pockets sometimes become a partial record of my nights. This time they included: Christmas-themed erasers that were props for a pub quiz organised by some people at work; a condiment from the McDonald’s on Regent Street; […]

Things from my coat pockets, London, 11th December 2013

Napkins from a night out, London, 29th November 2013
No cash left, nothing but (clean) napkins in my pocket after going out. It was a busy day and the evidence is in the different napkins I found in my coat pockets. Medium: Digital drawing on iPhone Date drawn: 29th November – 1st December 2013 A video of the drawing being created:

Napkins from a night out, London, 29th November 2013

Popcorn for breakfast, bus stop, Dulwich Road, Herne Hill, London, 9th October 2013
Popcorn, good enough for breakfast. It must have been 9am when I managed to get to the bus stop as the first part of my journey to work. I always wish I could get to work earlier, but there’s lots to do in the morning at home and I doubt […]

Popcorn for breakfast, Herne Hill, 9th October 2013

Burger eating, Monday evening, Victoria Line, London, 23rd September 2013
I experienced food envy on my way home. Is there any etiquette to follow when eating on the Tube? One fellow passenger focused solely on his evening meal, without making eye contact with anyone or anything else. He had bitten his food to leave a perfect cross section of his […]

Eating a burger, Victoria Line, 23rd September 2013

Man eating, number 3 bus, Brixton, 10th June 2013
iPhone drawing I was on my way home, boarded a packed bus and I thought I was lucky when I spotted an empty seat. The guy sitting next to that seat was a powerful reason why no one wanted to sit there. The smell of fried food and ketchup was rather […]

Man eating on a bus, Brixton, 10th June 2013