Bald man, Train to Farringdon, 21st November 2013
Standing room only on a train and I get a view of someone’s scalp. It’s a beautiful world. Thursday evening on a packed train towards Herne Hill. I hold onto the handrail with my left hand and draw with great difficulty with only my right. Unusually, because of this hand […]

Bald man, Train from Farringdon, 21st November 2013

Morning rush hour, train to Farringdon, 22nd October 2013
No seats, no windows and standing next to the toilets. First Capital Connect trains make me feel so special in the mornings. I try to use the Tube as I normally get a seat, but today I chose the train and experienced the situation I like to avoid: standing all […]

Morning rush hour, train to Farringdon, 22nd October 2013

Train to Farringdon from Herne Hill, 15th April 2013
iPhone drawing On a packed train to work I am forced to stand for much of the journey, but it gave me the perfect vantage point to draw the rows of seated commuters on a train heading northwards from south London. I had enough time on the journey to sketch […]

Train from Herne Hill – 15th April 2013