Grant Thornton House and Euston station, London, 5th February 2016 (Drawing 605)
Euston, you only look good at night.   Euston is an ugly station, but at night it’s transformed. The office blocks that surround it become less monolithic in the dark, before the office lights are switched off; the silhouette of office furniture and the blinds break up the rectangles of lights from […]

Euston Square, London, 5th February 2016

Christmas gifs, Tuesday afternoon, Victoria line, London, 15th December 2015
Time for less commuting and for more eating and gift giving. In the run up to the Christmas holidays, there was a noticeable increase in the appearance of wrapped gifts, large shopping bags and rolls of wrapping paper on show. Like most people around me, the focus of my growing […]

Christmas gifts, Victoria line, 15th December 2015

Train to Euston, 21st October 2013
I know what you’re feeling like, I’m tired too. On a train from Birmingham New Street station to Euston, during the journey I drew a man resting. Medium: Digital drawing on iPhone Date drawn: 21st October 2013

Train to Euston, 21st October 2013

Friday evening, Caffè Nero, Euston station, 18th October 2013
I think I was the only one in that coffee shop not writing a movie script, some poetry or first novel. Whilst waiting for a train, I sat and drew in Caffè Nero for a hour, even though I didn’t buy anything, as it was far better than the overcrowded and […]

Friday evening, Caffè Nero, Euston station, 18th October 2013

Train from Euston to Birmingham, 16th June 2013
iPhone drawing Looking after kids must be hard. I don’t have any, so I can be glad that these ‘angels’ weren’t mine. What a mess.

Train to Birmingham, 16th June 2013

Coat hook, train from Euston, 19th April 2013
iPhone drawing It was a dull train journey from Euston to Birmingham New Street station. I spent my time drawing the details around me, this included a coat hook, the back a seat and the electronic display showing seat numbers and reservation information. The trip was boring enough to ellicit this […]

Coat hook, train from Euston – 19th April 2013