my flat

Newly opened can of coffee, 14th June 2013
iPhone drawing The hissing sound when the seal is broken, releasing the smell of fresh coffee, is quite an occassion. It happens probably once a month and is a small, happy event. I’ll drink to that.

Newly opened can of coffee, 18th June 2013

Shed, Herne Hill, 8th June 2013 (drawing in progress)
iPad drawing The shed in the garden of my rented place is full of the unwanted or forgotten items from existing and former tenants. It’s a bit of a mess. There’s two lawn mowers, several mattresses and many old pots of paint amongst the boxes and random pieces of furniture. […]

Shed, Herne Hill, 8th June 2013

My mattress, Herne Hill, 27th May 2013
iPad drawing It was time to wash my sheets and also the mattress cover. It reminded me of the imperfect condition of what I sleep on and ignited questions I tried to suppress: What is the history of the bed in my furnished, rented  room? Who slept on it before? […]

My mattress, 27th May 2013

'Medicine' for a cold, 28th February 2013
iPad drawing Illness is disruptive. I’ve taken time off work because of a cold, but I’m glad I’ve fallen ill now, so I have time to recover before moving. Whatever my state of health, I’m not looking forward to moving all my heavier possessions. When I fall ill, I tend to buy […]

‘Medicines’ for a cold – 28th February 2013

The DVD collection, Brixton, 24th February 2013
iPad drawing There’s just a week to go until I move flats. It’s time to use those boxes I brought from Argos and pack away that embarassing DVD collection resting on my IKEA shelves. I’m determined to keep the DVDs in alphabetical order in their future home. With iPlayer and streaming, […]

The DVD collection – 24th February 2013

Old IKEA sofa, Brixton, 16th February 2013
iPad drawing London’s fast-moving and overpriced housing market means I will need to move soon. It’s quite a wasteful process in terms of time and money, but its the earth that must bear the greater burden of people regularly having to throw out possessions and forced to acquire new ones […]

Old IKEA sofa – 16th February 2013

The view from my flat on a rainy day, Brixton - 23rd September 2012
iPad drawing It was a dark and cloudy day on the weekend that forced me to stay in my flat. What else could I do but draw the view from my window? This is the first time I didn’t use any lines when drawing digitally. Days like that give me […]

A rainy day, Brixton – 23rd September 2012