Federation Coffee, Brixton Market, London, Thursday 28th January 2016 (Drawing 601)
I got a seat!   A cold struck me and I stayed at home to recover. By the end of the day I wanted to be outdoors and popped out to get some good-tasting medicine, coffee. It’s packed at the weekend, but late afternoon on a Thursday finds the popular Federation […]

Federation Coffee, Brixton, London, 28th January 2016

Friday evening, Caffè Nero, Euston station, 18th October 2013
I think I was the only one in that coffee shop not writing a movie script, some poetry or first novel. Whilst waiting for a train, I sat and drew in Caffè Nero for a hour, even though I didn’t buy anything, as it was far better than the overcrowded and […]

Friday evening, Caffè Nero, Euston station, 18th October 2013

Breakfast, Subway, Brixton, 16th October 2013
This is not a time for fruit and veg. I normally eat healthily at breakfast time, but that day I was starting a secondment at work – a sideways promotion – so I felt an unhealthy and heavy 6-inch Subway breakfast sandwich filled with processed meat and eggs was deserved. There was […]

Breakfast, Subway, Brixton, 16th October 2013

Newsagent, Herne Hill station, London, 15th September 2013
Can I do more than top-up my Oystercard, gamble or buy a newspaper here? The interior of Herne Hill station is not beautiful, but it has previously supplied subjects to draw such as a public payphone. I sketched this as I was waiting for a train to go into central London, when […]

Newsagent, Herne Hill station, 15th September 2013

Till and queue, Iceland store, Brixton, London, 13th July 2013
iPhone drawing This store is always busy, or popular if you look at it another way. My receipt informed me: “Today you were served by Margaret”. Well, thanks, Margaret. For this drawing, I made a very rough sketch whilst in the queue. Much of the details came from a photograph […]

Till and queue, Iceland store, Brixton, 8th July 2013

Red trousers, Argos, Brixton, London, 2nd May 2013
iPad drawing It’s cold. Single glazing is not good, but that’s what I’ve got. I went to Argo to get a small electric heater which has been an absolute saviour, whilst there I spotted red trousers, proving it wasn’t just a hipster / East London thing.  

Red trousers, Brixton – 2nd May 2013

Newspaper stand, Sainsbury's, Herne Hill, London, 9th April 2013
iPhone drawing The death of Margaret Thatcher was the lead news item on all the front page of every newspaper in Britain today. Her image was staring out at me from the newstand of my local branch of Sainsbury’s. I don’t think I’m particularly good at drawing portraits!  

Newspaper stand, Sainsbury’s – 9th April 2013

Tesco book display, 31st March 2013
iPad drawing I was surprised to see Nigella Lawson’s latest book was security tagged, but more so on closer inspection. Does someone at Tesco dislike the author? Nice book though.  

Tesco book display – 31st March 2013

Argos, Brixton, 22nd February 2013
iPad drawing At the last minute I have found a new place to live. With the impending move, I’ve had to go to Argos in Brixton, flick through their laminated catalogue (putting to the back of my mind the thought of the thousands of unwashed hands that have touched the […]

Argos, Brixton – 22nd February 2013

Primark store, Birmingham - 18th September 2012
iPhone drawing All the Primark stores I’ve been to look the same. As well as the same stock and interiors, the queues are the same – long! This was drawn as I waited for my mother and sister, both of whom were, of course, in the queue.

Primark, Birmingham – 18th September 2012

Food and wine shop
iPad drawing This is a shop local to me. At night the sign and the way the light passes through wine bottles always attracts my attention. Watch the video (1.26mins) above to see how it was created, or just see the end result below.

Wine and food shop at night – 30th August 2012