District line

4.30pm Sunday, Victoria to South Kensington stations, District line, London (Drawing 775)
You can transport anything on the Tube… Time it right and you can use the Tube to carry anything: furniture, giant luggage, a class of kids — but not in rush hour! It seems the main reason I use the District line is to go to the V&A, which is […]

Flat-pack furniture, District line, 16th October 2016

Cake and tears, District line, 30th January 2016
Cake, tears and tiredness. Another Saturday evening. It was a Saturday and a long journey on the District line for me between two birthday celebrations: a late one for myself and another for a friend. Some people seemed to be going to parties, others partied out and the most unfortunate […]

Cake and tears, District line, 30th January 2016

4.30pm Saturday afternoon, Victoria to Elm Park stations, District line, London, 28th November 2015 (Drawing 577)
I admire anyone able to bring a pram on to the Tube. It was going to be a long journey to visit a friend in east London. From the portion of my journey that encompassed Victoria to Whitechapel, in front of me were a very happy couple with a pram […]

Pram, District line, 28th November 2015

Man crying, Sunday afternoon, District line, London, 10th August 2014
When someone cries on the Tube, where do you look? London can bring out the best and worse in people. It can stress you out, make you smile or cause you to cry. This couple seemed very sombre. The woman was rather stony-faced, while the man would burst into tears intermittently. […]

Man crying, District line, 10th August 2014

Birthday present, District line, London, Saturday afternoon, 5th April 2014
I don’t use the District line often, but carrying large presents isn’t normal, is it?  Only two stops seperate Victoria and South Kensington stations, so that is all the time I had to sketch as much as I could from my Tube journey. It’s always interesting to see what people […]

Birthday present, District line, 5th April 2014