Clothes rail, 4.30pm, Sunday afternoon, Brixton to Stockwell, Victoria line, 15th March 2015
I’m not the only one who’s having problems finding enough storage space… Whilst on my way to the centre of London, I shared my carriage for one stop with a guy who had some dry cleaning. I’ve never seen the handrails being used like this, but it seems logical when […]

Clothes rail, Victoria line, 15th March 2015

Looking away, 9am Monday morning, Maida Vale to Regent's Park, Bakerloo line, London, 8th September 2014
What do brightly-coloured ties say about someone’s personality? This scene is of another of my commutes into work from Maida Vale to Regent’s Park, mostly completed on my other journeys. The man’s Escher-pattern tie took a while to draw, it was quite intricate. Like this man, I’d like to look away […]

Nice tie, Bakerloo line, 8th September 2014

Wearing sunglasses on the underground, Victoria line, 9th July 2013
Was he a celebrity in disguise? Probably not. It was a sunny morning, but are sunglasses still necessary when using one of the deep lines of the underground network? He wasn’t blind. Medium: Digital drawing on iPhone Date drawn: 9th – 10th July 2013

Wearing sunglasses, Victoria line, 9th July 2013

T-shirts, Victoria line, 4th July 2013
iPhone drawing London’s weather is unpredictable, though it is generally best to expect cold, cloudy or damp conditions. Everyone is in t-shirts (or less) once the sun comes out! These two guys looked very tired.

T-shirts, Victoria line, 4th July 2013

iPad drawing I’m not a big fan of shoe shopping. It’s a yearly event brought on by the failure of my shoes to keep my feet dry. I couldn’t leave my flat that day due to the rain, so I had time to draw them. Only the day after, when […]

My broken shoe – 24th November 2012

Knitwear - 7th October 2012
iPad drawing This drawing is a display of the knitwear generously made for me by my mum. She is convinced I don’t have enough. This was one of the first drawings I made after the app I use (Brushes) went through a major upgrade. It took a while to get […]

Knitwear – 7th October 2012