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Corner Cafe, South Kensington underground station, 5pm 15th July 2017
Drinking tea and drawing strangers – a remedy for tiredness? This drawing is dedicated to the wonderful students I taught and the great staff who supported me at the beautiful Victoria and Albert Museum, London, when I was leading an iPad architecture drawing workshop. I learnt new things from my […]

Cafe, South Kensington station, 15th July 2017

Switch House, Tate Modern, London, 19th June 2016
A visit is recommended. After much construction work the impressive new extension to Tate Modern has opened and added a new landmark to London’s skyline. The interior of this twisted brick pyramid is fascinating to explore. On my first visit, I drew what I saw, whilst making my way upwards […]

Switch House, Tate Modern, 18th June 2016

Tottenham Court Road station, London, 8th October 2015
A new corner of London with lots of old memories Due to bad timing I arrived too early at Tottenham Court Road station to meet my girlfriend, so I used the time to draw the new entrance building to the station. This corner of Charing Cross Road and Oxford Street has changed […]

Tottenham Court Road station, 8th October 2015

Interval, Stewart Lee comedy gig, Leicester Square Theatre, London, 29th September 2015
You’re a very funny man, Stewart Lee Excellent gig by comedian Stewart Lee. I sketched this scene in about 5 minutes during the interval. Medium: Digital drawing created on an iPhone 6 and using Brushes Redux app Drawn: 29th September 2015

Comedy gig, Leicester Square Theatre, 29th September 2015

Looking away, 9am Monday morning, Maida Vale to Regent's Park, Bakerloo line, London, 8th September 2014
What do brightly-coloured ties say about someone’s personality? This scene is of another of my commutes into work from Maida Vale to Regent’s Park, mostly completed on my other journeys. The man’s Escher-pattern tie took a while to draw, it was quite intricate. Like this man, I’d like to look away […]

Nice tie, Bakerloo line, 8th September 2014

Reading financial reports, 7pm Tuesday evening, Oxford Circus to Maida Vale, Bakerloo line, 19th August 2014
Is it rude to see what others are reading on the Tube? Seeing what other people read must be the Tube equivalent of peeping through the net curtains to see what neighbours are doing, If it wasn’t wrong, why would we be discreet about it? There was plenty to read […]

Reading financial reports, Bakerloo line, 19th August 2014

4pm Sunday afternoon, South Kensington to King's Cross station, Piccadilly line, 17th August 2014
London can be tiring… I’m not sure if they were tourists, but they looked very tired. Halfway through sketching, the woman suddenly rested her weary head on the man’s shoulder and I had to quickly alter my sketch. Medium: Digital drawing on iPhone 4s and Brushes 3 app Date drawn: 17th August […]

Tired, Piccadilly line, 17th August 2014

Man crying, Sunday afternoon, District line, London, 10th August 2014
When someone cries on the Tube, where do you look? London can bring out the best and worse in people. It can stress you out, make you smile or cause you to cry. This couple seemed very sombre. The woman was rather stony-faced, while the man would burst into tears intermittently. […]

Man crying, District line, 10th August 2014

Nearly empty carriage, 9pm Tuesday, Piccadilly Circus to Maida Vale, Bakerloo line, 29th July 2014
Watch out for the bouncy seats on the Bakerloo line. The worn seats of the old Bakerloo carriages are extremely bouncey. A person sitting down at one end will cause the springs to bounce the people nearby from their seat. It means you always notice a fellow passenger sitting down. […]

Nearly empty carriage, Bakerloo line, 29th July 2014

A couple on their phones, Elephant and Castle to Maida Vale, Bakerloo line, 20th July 2014
 A loving scene of two people checking their phones. I was soaking wet after being caught in the storm that hit the Lambeth Country Show in Brixton. It’s the first time it’s rained while I’ve attended the show, and the furthest I’ve lived away from it, how inconvenient. Sodden, I drew […]

A couple on their phones, Bakerloo line, 20th July 2014

Solving a Rubik's cube, 9am Tuesday, Maida Vale to Regent's Park, Bakerloo line, 15th July 2014
Some problems from the 1980s can be easily solved, others like unequality and housing can be left to solve themselves. On my way to work I spot a man concentrating intently on solving his Rubik’s cube. This is not the first time I’ve spotted a fellow commuter with this puzzle. […]

Solving a Rubik’s cube, Bakerloo line, 15th July 2014

Drinking on a Saturday evening, Edgware Road to Maida Vale, Bakerloo line, 12th July 2014
Drinking is banned on the Tube, but who’s going to notice? On my way home after a trip to Oxford I saw a man in the next next row of seats who was exhibiting some odd arm movements, possibly brought about by some heavy drinking, until he got off at […]

Drinking on a Saturday evening, Bakerloo line, 12th July 2014

Wednesday evening, Bakerloo line, 25th June 2014
I’m a frequent user of the Bakerloo line now. It’s a bit tired, old and needs a revamp. I know that feeling all too well. My journeys into and from work are a lot shorter from my new flat, so I have less time to draw. Perhaps I need to […]

Wednesday evening, Bakerloo line, 25th June 2014

Monday morning, Brixton to Oxford Circus, Victoria line, 9th June 2014
People watch and read different things on the Tube, probably just to avoid making eye contact. Another crowded Monday morning Tube journey, but I have the priviledge of nearly always getting a seat. The bag with writing, Batman t-shirt, suited man and the back of the woman were the main […]

Monday morning, Victoria line, 9th June 2014

Cappuccino, Brockwell Hall Cafe, Brockwell Park, London, 22nd June 2014
I could make one at home, but to hell with the budget… I drew this rather quickly as I drank my cappuccino. For about an hour I sat in Brockwell Hall Cafe whilst drinking and drawing. It was my last weekend in Tulse Hill and I thought I’d spend a […]

Brockwell Hall Cafe, Brockwell Park, 22nd June 2014

Houses of Parliament and the River Thames, Albert Embankment, 19th June 2014
Sometimes I have to remind myself London is a great city, despite the expense and insecure tenancies… This was unusual in that it’s drawn from a photograph, which I took earlier the same evening, rather than sketched onsite. The scene was spectacular, like from a painting by Monet. I wanted […]

Houses of Parliament and the River Thames, 19th June 2014

Saturday night, from Victoria to Brixton, Victoria line, 14th June 2014
If there really was a housing a crisis in London, we’d find people sleeping on the Tube… When it’s close to midnight, every Londoner has to make a decision on whether to get one of the last trains home or stay out and try one of the much slower night […]

Saturday night, Victoria line, 14th June 2014

Tiger, Sunday afternoon, Brixton, Victoria line, 25th May 2014
When I leave Brixton, I’ll miss everyone on the Victoria line. Even the ones in fancy dress. Warm weather brought out a party atmosphere and a group of people dressed as characters from Winnie the Pooh. On my journey with me was what I guess to be loud and drunk […]

Fancy dress, Sunday afternoon, Brixton, 25th May 2014