Gamma mobile, created by Alexander Calder in 1947, on display in Tate Modern, London, 12th March 2016
  Tate Modern‘s ‘Alexander Calder: Performing Sculpture’ is a great exhibition. The colours and shadows of his ‘Gamma’ mobile caught my eye and I sat down for a few minutes to draw it; I wasn’t alone, other people kept standing in front of me.   Watch a video (18 seconds) […]

Calder exhibition, Tate Modern, 12th March 2016

Grant Thornton House and Euston station, London, 5th February 2016 (Drawing 605)
Euston, you only look good at night.   Euston is an ugly station, but at night it’s transformed. The office blocks that surround it become less monolithic in the dark, before the office lights are switched off; the silhouette of office furniture and the blinds break up the rectangles of lights from […]

Euston Square, London, 5th February 2016

6.30pm, sunset over rooftops and Lambeth Town Hall clock tower, Brixton, London, 11th October 2015 (Drawing 552)
It’s a noisy and expensive city, but at least the spectacular sunsets are silent and free From the terrace on my roof I saw a spectacular sunset for a brief few minutes before it went dark. In the distance was the clock tower of Lambeth Town Hall, with its clock […]

Sunset over rooftops, Brixton, 11th October 2015

Father and baby, 11.30am, Good Friday, 3rd April 2015, on a Northern line Tube train from Stockwell to Kennington station, London
On the Tube, a baby or pet instantly becomes the focus of attention. It’s been a busy month for me, as well as working full time, I tried to socialise. So, it took me a month to transform a quick onsite sketch below to the finished piece you see above. […]

Father and baby, Northern line, 3rd April 2015

Saturday night, from Victoria to Brixton, Victoria line, 14th June 2014
If there really was a housing a crisis in London, we’d find people sleeping on the Tube… When it’s close to midnight, every Londoner has to make a decision on whether to get one of the last trains home or stay out and try one of the much slower night […]

Saturday night, Victoria line, 14th June 2014

Tiger, Sunday afternoon, Brixton, Victoria line, 25th May 2014
When I leave Brixton, I’ll miss everyone on the Victoria line. Even the ones in fancy dress. Warm weather brought out a party atmosphere and a group of people dressed as characters from Winnie the Pooh. On my journey with me was what I guess to be loud and drunk […]

Fancy dress, Sunday afternoon, Brixton, 25th May 2014

Dachshund, train from Herne Hill to Blackfriars, London, 22nd February 2014
Ever get that feeling that there are pets out there receiving more love than you and leading better lives? This was drawn almost entirely on the 14 journeys on public transport I took over seven days, mostly to and from work. The drawing is based on a sketch I made on […]

Dachshund, train to Blackfriars, 22nd February 2014

No.68 bus from Euston to Norwood, 3rd January 2014
When using public transport, hold on to anything, as you’ll get no warning when that bus or train will suddenly stop. I was coming back with heavy luggage after spending the Christmas holidays in Birmingham, when I had to board a packed bus at Euston station during the rush-hour to return […]

Bus to Norwood, south London, 3rd January 2014

Things from my coat pocket, London, 11th December 2013
At Christmas time, even the contents of my coat pockets become festive. My coat pockets sometimes become a partial record of my nights. This time they included: Christmas-themed erasers that were props for a pub quiz organised by some people at work; a condiment from the McDonald’s on Regent Street; […]

Things from my coat pockets, London, 11th December 2013

Napkins from a night out, London, 29th November 2013
No cash left, nothing but (clean) napkins in my pocket after going out. It was a busy day and the evidence is in the different napkins I found in my coat pockets. Medium: Digital drawing on iPhone Date drawn: 29th November – 1st December 2013 A video of the drawing being created:

Napkins from a night out, London, 29th November 2013

Thursday evening, Great Portland Street to Farringdon station, Metropolitan line, 31st October 2013
After a long day at work, it’s nice to be heading home. A journey home on the new carriages on the Metropolitan line. Modern and clean – I can’t complain. Medium: Digital drawing on iPhone Date drawn: 31st October – 3rd October 2013 A video of the drawing being created:

Couple, Thursday evening, Metropolitan line, 31st October 2013

Battersea Power Station, London, 21st September 2013
Entry to the landmark was free! Open House is a fantastic free event. The place I chose to visit, Battersea Power Station, was so popular it led to a two-hour wait with 18,000 other visitors that day to get in, but it was worth it. Good company meant the queuing time didn’t […]

Battersea Power Station, 21st September 2013

Rainy evening, Oxford Circus, central London, 13th September 2013
Black is the main colour of umbrellas. It has been a wet end to the summer. It was a Friday evening, I had finished work and I was making my way down to Oxford Circus station when it rained heavily. A lot of people walking carelessly with pointy umbrellas too […]

Rainy evening, Oxford Circus, 13th September 2013

Snails mating
Even the snails are at it. It was not nice to be stopped early in the morning, as I left the house for work, to be confronted by a mass of slime and shells. A pair of snails were intimately attached to each other, but I didn’t have time to […]

Snails mating, garden, Herne Hill, 15th August 2013

Lipstick and scratching, Victoria line, London, 1st August 2013
I’ve never thought make-up could be entertaining. On a commute during a Thursday morning rush hour I was entertained for a few minutes watching someone apply make-up. It’s a skill to be able to apply cosmetics like lipstick either during stops at station or, more impressively, while the train is […]

Lipstick and scratching, Victoria line, 1st August 2013

Bright colours, Monday morning, Victoria line, 29th July 2013
A bit of colour is welcome on the Tube. The bright colours people were wearing on my commute to work were a welcome sight to greet me on the first day back after a long relaxing weekend. This scene lasted from Brixton until Victoria four stops later, when some of […]

Bright colours, Monday morning, Victoria line, 29th July 2013

News of Andy Murray, Victoria line, 8th July 2013
iPhone drawing Every newspaper was full of news of about Andy Murray’s victory at Wimbledon the previous day: Yesterday’s news, today! Most people had heard the news immediately through the internet, radio or television, and now newspapers get to mention it again. I’m not too keen on tennis, less so […]

News of Andy Murray, Victoria line, 8th July 2013

St Paul's Cathedral, viewed from One New Change, 1st July 2013
iPad drawing I was lucky to be able to visit St Paul’s Cathedral, there I attend a guided tour, saw it’s collection of artefacts and explored right to the top of the dome. The trip, organised by my workplace, exceeded my expectations. The view from the dome is amazing; one […]

St Paul’s Cathedral, 1st July 2013

Dead cycad plant, 11th February 2013
iPad drawing At my parents’ house there is a houseplant I grew from seed. From memory it germinated in 1993 and it had been growing slowly ever since then, but sadly it died after a member of the family ‘looked after’ it at the end of 2012. The dried remains […]

Dead houseplant – 11th February 2013