Snails mating, garden, Herne Hill, 15th August 2013

Even the snails are at it.

Snails mating
Snails mating, Herne Hill, London, 15th August 2013

It was not nice to be stopped early in the morning, as I left the house for work, to be confronted by a mass of slime and shells. A pair of snails were intimately attached to each other, but I didn’t have time to carry out what the gardener in me wanted to do – namely to destroy them. These creatures’ spiral shape and variety of patterning make interesting subjects to draw. This drawing was done from a photograph. I sketched it that morning on the train and much of it was completed two days later at home. Below is a video of it being drawn.

Medium: Digital drawing on iPhone
Date drawn: 15-17th August 2013