Grant Thornton House and Euston station, London, 5th February 2016 (Drawing 605)
Euston, you only look good at night.   Euston is an ugly station, but at night it’s transformed. The¬†office blocks that surround it become less¬†monolithic in the dark, before the office lights are switched off; the silhouette of office furniture and the blinds break up the rectangles of lights from […]

Euston Square, London, 5th February 2016

My office, London - 5th September 2012. Wilson Yau
iPad drawing A video (41 seconds) showing the drawing I did on an iPad of part of my shared office at work. I sketched it after my shift had finished, then later at home I went over the sketch and added the finer details from a photograph.

My office – 5th September 2012

Chilli peppers on mt windowsill, 6th August 2012
iPhone drawing The lack of space (or garden) means I have resorted to growing plants on a windowsill at my workplace. This single red chilli pepper was the first to ripen. There was not a feast and it was a small reward for a lot of effort!

Office chilli peppers – 6th August 2012

Bridford Mews, London, 2nd August 2012
iPad drawing This is a drawing of the view from my office. It was a sunny day and this gave me a chance to practice using light and shadow. Bridford Mews near Portland Place is a quiet street in Fitzrovia overlooked by a mix of high-status offices and residential flats […]

The view from my office: Bridford Mews – 2nd August ...