Tate Modern

Switch House, Tate Modern, London, 19th June 2016
A visit is recommended. After much construction work the impressive new extension to Tate Modern has opened and added a new landmark to London’s skyline. The interior of this twisted brick pyramid is fascinating to explore. On my first visit, I drew what I saw, whilst making my way upwards […]

Switch House, Tate Modern, 18th June 2016

Gamma mobile, created by Alexander Calder in 1947, on display in Tate Modern, London, 12th March 2016
  Tate Modern‘s ‘Alexander Calder: Performing Sculpture’ is a great exhibition. The colours and shadows of his ‘Gamma’ mobile caught my eye and I sat down for a few minutes to draw it; I wasn’t alone, other people kept standing in front of me.   Watch a video (18 seconds) […]

Calder exhibition, Tate Modern, 12th March 2016

Paul Klee exhibition, Tate Modern, London, 8pm 16th November 2013
Ohhh, so it’s pronounced ‘Paul clay’! This Klee painting wasn’t good enough to make it as a postcard in the gift shop. I didn’t know anything about Paul Klee until the reviews came out for Tate Modern’s exhibition. On a visit at the TateĀ I learnt much about Klee and his […]

Paul Klee exhibition, Tate Modern, 16th November 2013