8pm Wednesday, Oxford Circus to Brixton stations, Victoria line, London, 8th June 2016 (Drawing 681)
The flowers weren’t for me. I toil long hours at my job to keep those bills paid, it leaves little time to draw. So, as usual I’m snatching a few minutes here and there to scribble away at my iPhone screen, hence over a month to finish this drawing. On […]

Wednesday evening, Victoria line, 8th June 2016

Reading, Tuesday morning, Victoria line, 7th January 2014
Not having something to read made me the odd one out on the Tube… Not only is it interesting to see what people are reading, nothing particularly academic usually, it’s also fascinating to see the medium. There are newspapers, books, sometimes even print outs, but they were joined more recently […]

Reading, Tuesday morning, Victoria line, 7th January 2014

Tesco book display, 31st March 2013
iPad drawing I was surprised to see Nigella Lawson’s latest book was security tagged, but more so on closer inspection. Does someone at Tesco dislike the author? Nice book though.  

Tesco book display – 31st March 2013