9.30am Friday, Brixton to Oxford Circus stations, Victoria line, London, 29th July 2016 (Drawing 720)
No sunburn or cakes for me thanks, just commuting. I took me a while to draw this. I had originally abandoned it and left it as an onsite sketch, and I went on to draw other work, but the central character protectively holding a box of cupcakes proved hard to […]

Sunburn and cake, Victoria line, 29th July 2016

Cake and tears, District line, 30th January 2016
Cake, tears and tiredness. Another Saturday evening. It was a Saturday and a long journey on the District line for me between two birthday celebrations: a late one for myself and another for a friend. Some people seemed to be going to parties, others partied out and the most unfortunate […]

Cake and tears, District line, 30th January 2016

Northern line - 22nd September 2012
iPhone drawing I use the Tube a lot, so it provides me with many opportunities and time to draw my fellow commuters. Sometimes they’re happy, other times they are less so. Overall, I think Transport for London does a good job. This drawing was done whilst traveling on the Northern […]

Box of cupcakes, Northern line – 22nd September 2012