Northern line

Father and baby, 11.30am, Good Friday, 3rd April 2015, on a Northern line Tube train from Stockwell to Kennington station, London
On the Tube, a baby or pet instantly becomes the focus of attention. It’s been a busy month for me, as well as working full time, I tried to socialise. So, it took me a month to transform a quick onsite sketch below to the finished piece you see above. […]

Father and baby, Northern line, 3rd April 2015

Frosty couple, Saturday 10pm, Camden Town to Tottenham Court Road stations, Northern line, 29th November 2014
I wonder what they argued over… I was on my way home after a night out in Camden Town (a rare event as I’ve spent a few years disliking the place) and shared a Tube carriage with this couple, but everything in┬átheir body language told me they were strangers. They […]

Frosty couple, Northern line, 29th November 2014

Last Tube home, 12.30am on the Northern line, London, Sunday 28th April 2014
It’s always a relief to get the last Tube home, whatever the state… Closing time for pubs and the last trains don’t coincide. No joined-up thinking, but if it was to exist it would benefit us all immensely. So after I finished drinking on a Saturday night (probably to make […]

Last Tube home, Northern line, 27th April 2014

Northern line - 22nd September 2012
iPhone drawing I use the Tube a lot, so it provides me with many opportunities and time to draw my fellow commuters. Sometimes they’re happy, other times they are less so. Overall, I think Transport for London does a good job. This drawing was done whilst traveling on the Northern […]

Box of cupcakes, Northern line – 22nd September 2012