Architectural models

Carrying an A1 model, 10am Saturday morning, Victoria line, London, 19th April 2014
It was my turn to do something odd on the Tube. Carrying an A1-size model is best done during the quiet hours… Because of my annual house move, I need to find new places for my possessions – mostly charity shops! A few precious items with no practical value, but immense […]

Carrying an A1 model, Victoria line, 19th April 2014

Brookside model
The completed model I was commissioned to build an architectural model (scale 1:100) of the set of the long-running British television soap opera ‘Brookside’ based in Liverpool. The model of Brookside Close was for the Royal Institute of British Architects’ travelling exhibition ‘A Place to call Home: Where we live and […]

Model: Brookside Close, Liverpool, 2012

Trees being cut out of balsa wood
Completed model In 2011 I created a model at a scale of 1:50 based on the architect Adolf Loos’s design for family housing in Vienna at 13-19 Woinovichgasse, Werkbund housing estate. It was made for the Royal Institute of British Architects’ exhibition on Adolf Loos and was on display in their […]

Model: Workers’ houses designed by Adolf Loos, 2011

Plan view: The blocks without the base and transport links shown.
In 2008, through my research at Hackney Archives and my own fieldwork, I created a scale model (1:1500) of the London Borough of Hackney centred on Hackney Downs park. It was A1 size (841 x 594 mm) and was made of mountboard on a foamboard base. The model was on […]

Model: Hackney, London, 2008