9am Wednesday morning, Brixton to Oxford Circus stations, Victoria line, London, 25th November 2015 (Drawing 575)
A new view of rush hour. It was unusually crowded commute, memorable as it was one of those rare occasions when I couldn’t get a seat. Leaning back at the end the last carriage, I drew the busy scene in front of me: two rows of heads disappearing to an invisible vanishing […]

Rush hour, Victoria line, 25th November 2015

7pm, Wednesday 18th November 2015, Oxford Circus to Brixton stations, Victoria line, London
Puzzle solving on the Tube. I had to make a sketch quickly of this scene of a fellow commuter engrossed in solving a sudoku puzzle, as I only had time to draw between Stockwell and Brixton (the last two stations of the southern end of the Victoria line); I was probably […]

Sudoku, Victoria line, London, 18th November 2015

7.45am Thursday 1st October 2015, Brixton to Oxford Circus stations, Victoria line, London
It was an early start to work, as my work load never seems to decrease. At this time during rush  hour, there are sometimes school kids. On this occasion one child was very tired and being comforted. Medium: Digital drawing created on an iPhone 6 and using Adobe Ideas app Drawn: 1st […]

Tired, Victoria line, London, 1st October 2015

6.30pm, sunset over rooftops and Lambeth Town Hall clock tower, Brixton, London, 11th October 2015 (Drawing 552)
It’s a noisy and expensive city, but at least the spectacular sunsets are silent and free From the terrace on my roof I saw a spectacular sunset for a brief few minutes before it went dark. In the distance was the clock tower of Lambeth Town Hall, with its clock […]

Sunset over rooftops, Brixton, 11th October 2015

Friday morning, Victoria line 21st August 2015
It was an early start to my working day. Another drawing completed, mostly created during a month’s worth of commuting. On my way to work, very early in the morning, my attention was focused on a couple; one of them was holding a credit card, the details of which his […]

Credit card and flowers, Victoria line, London, 21st August 2015

Meditating, 9.40am, Thursday morning, Victoria line, 26th March 2015
The Tube can be a relaxing place for some… On my way to work, this guy seemed so calm, I think he was meditating from Brixton to Oxford Circus and beyond. Medium: Digital drawing on iPhone 6 and Adobe Ideas app Date drawn: 20th March – 5th April 2015

Meditating, Thursday morning, Victoria line, 26th March 2015

Clothes rail, 4.30pm, Sunday afternoon, Brixton to Stockwell, Victoria line, 15th March 2015
I’m not the only one who’s having problems finding enough storage space… Whilst on my way to the centre of London, I shared my carriage for one stop with a guy who had some dry cleaning. I’ve never seen the handrails being used like this, but it seems logical when […]

Clothes rail, Victoria line, 15th March 2015

Two guys, 11pm Saturday, Oxford Circus to Brixton, Victoria line, London, 28th February 2015
Always get a good night’s sleep. Returning home from the cinema, I saw this couple. One of them was very tired, but I got the indication they were just starting their night out. At Vauxhall, one woke the other from his sleep and they both got off. Medium: Digital drawing on […]

Two guys, Victoria line, 28th February 2015

Family, 1.30pm, Thursday 22nd January 2015, Brixton to Green Park station, Victoria line, London
My family and other commuters… My family came to London to see me and to visit the Royal Academy, where a tiny version of a photograph I took was being exhibited. For the first time there was a need for the subjects I portrayed to be a little more lifelike. Medium: Digital drawing on […]

Family, Victoria line, 22nd January 2015

Tuesday morning, Brixton to Oxford Circus, Victoria line, 10th - 26th February 2015, London
Talk, read, drink coffee, listen to music – not a cool cafe, just another Tube journey. Another morning rush-hour commute. Occasionally people talk. Medium: Digital drawing on iPhone 6+ and Adobe Ideas app Date drawn: 10th – 26th January 2015

Coffee and conversation, Victoria line, 10th February 2015

Signage, Brixton tube station
It’s good to be back in Brixton… I woke up in my new flat in Brixton, I realised that yesterday wasn’t a dream and it really did happen: I moved away from my old place. It’s a relief to have reached my fourth rented flat of 2014. Medium: Digital drawing on iPhone […]

Home in…Brixton, 4th December 2014

Monday morning, Brixton to Oxford Circus, Victoria line, 9th June 2014
People watch and read different things on the Tube, probably just to avoid making eye contact. Another crowded Monday morning Tube journey, but I have the priviledge of nearly always getting a seat. The bag with writing, Batman t-shirt, suited man and the back of the woman were the main […]

Monday morning, Victoria line, 9th June 2014

Cappuccino, Brockwell Hall Cafe, Brockwell Park, London, 22nd June 2014
I could make one at home, but to hell with the budget… I drew this rather quickly as I drank my cappuccino. For about an hour I sat in Brockwell Hall Cafe whilst drinking and drawing. It was my last weekend in Tulse Hill and I thought I’d spend a […]

Brockwell Hall Cafe, Brockwell Park, 22nd June 2014

Saturday night, from Victoria to Brixton, Victoria line, 14th June 2014
If there really was a housing a crisis in London, we’d find people sleeping on the Tube… When it’s close to midnight, every Londoner has to make a decision on whether to get one of the last trains home or stay out and try one of the much slower night […]

Saturday night, Victoria line, 14th June 2014

Tiger, Sunday afternoon, Brixton, Victoria line, 25th May 2014
When I leave Brixton, I’ll miss everyone on the Victoria line. Even the ones in fancy dress. Warm weather brought out a party atmosphere and a group of people dressed as characters from Winnie the Pooh. On my journey with me was what I guess to be loud and drunk […]

Fancy dress, Sunday afternoon, Brixton, 25th May 2014

Tired woman, 12.30pm Sunday, Brixton to Oxford Circus, Victoria line, 1st June 2014
I know what you feel like… Not an interpretation of Edvard Munch’s The Scream, but rather my view whilst on the Tube to Maida Vale on my way to view a new flat. The woman got on at Brixton with me, and before she got off at Victoria, she changed […]

Tired woman, Victoria line, 1st June 2014

Life outside Brixton underground station, London, 8th March 2014
It’s always busy outside Brixton underground station day or night. It’s extra busy outside the station when there’s a gig at the Brixton Academy, an event which attracts annoying and loud ticket touts and big groups of people from outside the area meeting up in the only place they know. […]

Life outside Brixton underground station, 8th March 2014